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Do you struggle to find work-life balance? Feeling burned out and overwhelmed? Have you forgotten how to relax?

It's time to delegate to a Certified Virtual Assistant

Every business is overloaded with tasks that MUST be done, from reading emails, sending invoices, posting to social media, searching for new clients and attending yet another meeting.  Add in the personal tasks like going to the grocery store, scheduling Tommy’s dentist appointment, driving Sara to soccer practice, and taking care of yourself.  When was the last time you took your time to get a haircut without feeling guilty about being away? Is work-life balance a myth?

Smart Virtual Services helps small businesses, entrepreneurs and real estate professionals reach their next level of living in their professional and personal lives by developing plans and processes to delegate daily and weekly task lists.  Basically, I partner with businesses to keep their owners and staff from reaching overload and burnout by handling some of the tasks on their to-do lists.

I work with you to learn about your business, assess your task lists, and then handle some of those tasks for you.  Wouldn’t you rather spend your time on the pieces of the business you love, that you thrive on, that generate profits and propel your business forward?

Why should I hire a Virtual Assistant?

  • You have repetitive tasks – Each day you comb through hundreds of emails to find you only needed to handle ten of them.  Hours are spent slogging through social media to come up with blogs or social media posts for your business. You would like to spend more time prospecting for new clients, but you spend too much time in the day-to-day tasks instead of the goal-meeting, profit generating tasks.
  • Full-time help isn’t necessary – Let’s face it, hiring an employee is like buying a house – it’s a measure of social approval that you are successful.  But employees are expensive.  Some of the expenses involved in having an employee are salaries, taxes, insurance, benefits, computers, software, and office space.  Then there’s the fact that you may not have 8 hours of work each day for them, or even 20 hours per week for  part-time help.  Or, you may be working virtually yourself, so you don’t have office space to provide to them.
  • Doing it yourself is no longer cost-effective – Anyone can learn anything and do-it-themselves, especially with the larger number of “free” webinars, YouTube videos and online courses.  But that isn’t always cost effective, or best for your business.  An anecdote shared by Jeb Blount, in his book Fanatical Prospecting, illustrates this point.  His mentor asked why he took three days off from work to complete a DIY project on his home.  Jeb explained the steps, and when asked, shared that he spent more than 14 hours on the project.  The mentor pointed out that at his average commissions, he could have paid someone a small fraction of the cost to do the work, instead of losing the very large chunk of potential income by doing it himself.  If your income is being affected by how much time you spend doing-it-all-yourself, then it’s time to consider hiring a virtual assistant.
  • Willing to train someone – You have reached a point in your business where you have your systems in place, or know where you want systems created.  You are willing to block out a few hours each week for a few months to train someone to help your business.  Virtual Assistants have a lot of great skills, but they still need to learn your business, your personality, goals and hot buttons.
  • Work-life balance sounds more like a myth than a possibility – You spend so much time working in your business, you have forgotten what it was like to have a life.  Friends and family have stopped inviting you to join them because you either turn them down or cancel because of work.  Your phone or tablet is always nearby, and you haven’t gone through an entire meal in months without looking at it.  Personal care is grabbing a quick bite on the way to a meeting, instead of a leisurely haircut, pedicure, bike ride or afternoon chilling on the couch.

What can Smart Virtual Services do for me?

Smart Virtual Services is committed to building a partnership with you and your business.  Relationships and communication are very important to me, as well as trust, honesty, integrity and professionalism.  Every service that I provide encompasses those core values.

As your partner, Smart Virtual Services provides Small Business Support.  Small businesses have to do everything, from marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, research and inventory management.  I can help take some of those “departments” off your list so you can concentrate on why you started your business.  Instead of trying to do it all, and spending all of your time working, it’s time to find the path to work-life balance.

A few of our services:

  • Project Management, including tracking all processes and milestones of a project, engaging with freelancers, and ensuring timely completion of projects.
  • Social media support, including content creation, meme creation, article posting, blogging and monitoring.
  • WordPress support, including management, updates and postings.
  • Marketing, including email creation, simple graphic design, infographics and flyers.
  • Client interaction, including customer service, issue resolution, prospect evaluation, invoicing and scheduling.
  • Email and schedule management.

Need something else?

What some others have said.... Logo

I am proud to recommend Tanya to others. She has a get-it-done attitude, is willing to research and learn about new platforms, tools, and a better way to do things. Tanya pays attention to detail, is smart, and very conscientious. She strives to be the best at what she does, no matter what it is.  She is resourceful and dependable. You can count on her to follow through and meet deadlines.

Joyce Wright
Paonia Chamber Of Commerce

Tanya has provided leadership and guidance combined with technical knowledge to "jump-start" our organization back into a functional operation, after struggling with staying organized and on-track before she joined the team. She demonstrates a strong administrative and technical skill set that is adaptable and lends itself to many different types of settings and situations. She is prompt, attentive, and creative with solutions to aid in pushing an organization in the right direction.

Michael D

Tanya helped to keep me positive while struggling with an emotional project.  She was positive and willing to help.  Although she acknowledged how bad things were, she always went to the bright side.  She continued to help me process facts, as well as reminding me of the positive.

Ann R
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