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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, local retail shops, and real estate professionals are welcome to contact me.  I am not currently industry specific.

What can a virtual assistant help me do?

A virtual assistant can help you with almost every task an in-house employee can do for you. Whether you need a one-time project or continual assistance, a virtual assistant can help.  There are many apps available on the market now that allow you to delegate tasks and know what your virtual assistant has accomplished.

Why should I hire a virtual assistant instead of an in-house employee?

When you hire an in-house employee, you have more costs than just their hourly rate, such as taxes, social security, worker’s compensation, paid vacations, paid sick time, payroll costs, office expenses, office equipment and additional benefits like healthcare, investment packages and life insurance. Then there are the soft costs that aren’t as easily calculated like water-cooler time where the employee socializes with others in your office; non-productive times, like getting lost on Facebook or Instagram; bathroom breaks; personal phone calls or other times when the employee isn’t being productive on your tasks.

Hiring a virtual assistant does not cost you more than the hourly rate or the project rate. You don’t pay for our taxes, social security, insurance, socializing or down time. Additionally, you only pay for time you need. We work with your busy times and your slow times. No need to pay for hours we aren’t being productive for you.

How do I know what to delegate to my virtual assistant?

You can delegate as much or as little as you want. No two people want the same service. We will discuss your professional and personal goals, the tasks you like and those you don’t, as well as where you feel your day is getting bogged down. Then we will come up with a plan together.

What is the difference between a Certified Virtual Assistant and non-certified?

Certified Virtual Expert

To become a Certified Virtual Assistant, I invested significant time and money to learn additional skills in the virtual assistant industry.  The market is constantly changing, and it’s imperative that I continue educating myself on new skills, tools and systems to enhance my knowledge and expertise in my field.

How do I get information to you?

Technology today allows for nearly limitless ways to communicate. We find email works best, but we also use Zoom, Messenger, text, Evernote, snail mail, and old-fashioned telephone calls. We can also hold files in Dropbox or GoogleDocs. We will discuss your preferences and determine systems that work best for you.

What is your turn-around time for responding to emails, phone calls or text messages?

We will respond within one business day, usually sooner.

How are payments handled?

We will invoice you before the end of the 5th day of the month. Payments can be made via Quickbooks credit card payments, PayPal, check, or other negotiated payment options. Payments are due upon receipt, and are past due on the 15th of the month.  Additional terms will be provided in the Client Agreement.

When we begin our partnership, we will discuss your preferred payment process.

How do we get started?

Schedule your free consultation with us now to find out how a Certified Virtual Assistant can relieve your overwhelmed schedule and encourage you to find the work-life balance you need. Or you can Contact Us to ask any additional questions.

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