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Are you struggling to find work-life balance? Are you feeling burnt out? Have you forgotten what it's like to relax? Then it's time to make a change!

According to Wikipedia, a Rainmaker “brings in new business and wins new accounts almost by magic.” SMART Virtual Services lifts the day-to-day marketing and administrative tasks from your to-do list so you can concentrate on the revenue generating, profit maximizing tasks only you can do, or the magic-making.

SMART Virtual Services partners with overwhelmed Real Estate Brokers, Teams, and Agents to lift the admin tasks from your day so you can make Rainmaking Magic!

You need SMART Virtual Services if:

  • You spend more time on your phone during family-time than with your family. It’s so bad, your family doesn’t know what you look like without the glow of your screen highlighting your facial features.
  • You spend more time chasing down other Agents and Real Estate Brokers, and not enough time following up with your Buyers and Sellers.
  • You get overwhelmed keeping up with all of the websites you need to update property listings, platforms to post social media content, and the latest app that everyone else raves about.
  • You forgot to schedule the inspection, update the Buyer and Seller, call that Real Estate Agent about that showing, and your schedule is so packed, you will spend more time driving across town 3 times than spent face-to-face with clients.
  • You have a team to manage, a few property fliers to create, Facebook and Instagram to update, an email blast to send out to your hot leads, meetings to schedule for your upcoming closing, notes to enter into your CRM, and that all needs to be done in the hour before you spend the day showing properties to your clients.

Whew!!! That sounds exhausting! No wonder you are overwhelmed.

We partner with Commercial and Residential Real Estate Teams, Brokers, Agents and other Real Estate Professionals to give you back your time, so you can invest it somewhere else. Our services include property marketing, social media management, and transaction coordination.

Your time is your most important magic-making asset. It’s time to give up on being an overwhelmed admin and to become the Rainmaker you’ve always wanted to be.

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I am proud to recommend Tanya to others. She has a get-it-done attitude, is willing to research and learn about new platforms, tools, and a better way to do things. Tanya pays attention to detail, is smart, and very conscientious. She strives to be the best at what she does, no matter what it is.  She is resourceful and dependable. You can count on her to follow through and meet deadlines.

Joyce Wright
Paonia Chamber Of Commerce

Tanya has provided leadership and guidance combined with technical knowledge to "jump-start" our organization back into a functional operation, after struggling with staying organized and on-track before she joined the team. She demonstrates a strong administrative and technical skill set that is adaptable and lends itself to many different types of settings and situations. She is prompt, attentive, and creative with solutions to aid in pushing an organization in the right direction.

Michael D

Tanya helped to keep me positive while struggling with an emotional project.  She was positive and willing to help.  Although she acknowledged how bad things were, she always went to the bright side.  She continued to help me process facts, as well as reminding me of the positive.

Ann R

We can help you shed the overwhelmed admin and embrace Rainmaker magic!

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