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Build Better Habits to Grow Your Business

Is your task list daunting?  Have you rescheduled that haircut, workout session, or lead generating time block for the 5th time this month?  Then it’s time to consider building some better habits.

After a bit of research to add some focus in my own business, I discovered B.J. Fogg, a behavior psychologist at Stanford University.  He is the author of Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do and the creator of the Tiny Habits method.

According to Fogg, there are two keys to better habit building:

  1. Stack your habits
  2. Make your habits easy

Stacking your habits means chaining one habit after another. To make your habits easy, you want to make them as simple to complete as possible. This makes the habit less daunting in your mind. For example:

Let’s say you want to read more educational or self-development books each month.

You decide to start reading a few pages every day.

Well, you might chain the reading habit to your morning coffee habit. 

After you put on your put of morning coffee, your goal is to read one page while it’s brewing.

Of course, nobody ever reads just one page!

You’ll easily be reading a chapter a day before you know it.  You will throw in a few pages with meals or listen to a few minutes of podcasts or audiobooks in your daily drives, during showers, or while cooking.

In a week the habit will be on autopilot, and in a month or two you’ll notice real results.

Chaining the new habit to an existing one makes it easy to get started every day, and making the goal easy guarantees you’ll do it.

What goals do you want to achieve?  Is it calling a few more potential customers each week?  Connecting with a few new LinkedIn connections?  Reading a few more industry articles to stay abreast of new trends?  Whatever habit you want to develop, figure out how to chain it to something else and it will fall into place quickly. 

Need help thinking outside of the box?  Or do you have more tasks than you can feasibly handle yourself?  Schedule a free meeting with us.  We can help you brainstorm time-saving tactics.  Or we can take some of those tasks off of your desk so you can do the fun things you started your business to do. 

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