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I am 1 of 36 Certified Virtual Experts in the world!


I worked my back-end off to become a Certified Virtual Expert!!! Not sure what that means? It means that I completed an intensive training program to learn how to build my Virtual Assistant business through a program that requires an extensive interview process. The Expert VA’s that become certified, and there are only 36 of us, are considered to be in the Top 1% of Virtual Assistants in the world for the knowledge we have, the services we provide, and the professionalism we demonstrate.

Thank you Kathy Goughenour for your amazing program, and Joyce Wright for being my amazing coach!

Want to know more about my services? Or more about how to become a Certified Virtual Expert? Hit up my Contact Page and choose your favorite communication tool. I’m happy to chat!

Certified Virtual Expert
I completed my training to become a Certified Virtual Expert
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